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You doubted me, Undoubtedly
I’m trying to be a better me
But you can’t see that part of me
It’s hard for me to try to leave
You said you hated me, You fade from me
Hate these things, Please stay with me
You wanna be Away from me
I need you please, Don’t run from me
You run from me, You’re leaving me
I hate the things, You say to me
You have my heart, You play with me
Undoubtedly, You doubted me
I tried to learn just how to be
A better me
But you took that Away from me
Promised you would Stay for me
You lied to me after I grieved
For all you had me Disbelieve
You doubted me Undoubtedly
I love the way You up and leave
But now I see It’s time for me
Just grow up
Just Let it be