Side to side

With my eyes open, I left my side behind

I traveled to the other side. A tomorrow that I can’t decide.

My soul, my mind, my feet, tell me to keep

going and never fall behind.


Surrounded by new bodies, and cultures,

 my path starts to change in a blink of my eyes.

This new side is complex and hard to say, my ears,

my eyes, my inner me

takes me to create my own world full of imagination

keeping me focused on my direction.


Side to side,

every day missing my place.

I felt this real change when I most

needed it, before falling away.

Colorful days learning furthermore about

life in this good rush place.

Every step we take is a minute less left

of this amazing ride, so let me make it the way I want

until the end of my days.


Side to side,

is not easy to reach my dreams.

But I will not hide, I will keep working hard,

my side I will be back.