Michaela Spoljaric is a writer at BHSEC, Cleveland-West. She is a recipient of the 2018 Achievement Award in the Study of Poetry.
BardVERSE: What do you find most gratifying about writing?
Michaela: What I find most gratifying about writing is the ability to create something really awesome. I want to be a film and television writer when I get older, and when I write, I can envision it, and it’s my world that I’m creating. Paper writing is also like that to an extent because I create my argument and structure to my liking. And what’s more gratifying is when people read or see my work. My goal in life is to spread passion and happiness while going for my dreams, and if people feel that way from my writing, then I know I did something right. That’s why when my writing is not very good, then I get a bit upset because I know I can do better or the topic that I was writing about was not fun for me to write. Writing is for others, but it’s also for me. I want to feel happy by making my writing as close to perfect as possible, so when I read it, I feel happy with my work.  Writing and even planning writing just gets me excited and happy when I complete it. Our 10- to 15-page paper that’s due for seniors at the end of the semester is fun for me because it’s a topic I’m interested in, and I know I will be so happy when it’s complete. I know I can create something awesome from writing. Art is like that for me too because you have all these possibilities.
BardVERSE: What do you find most challenging about writing?
Michaela: The most challenging part about writing is starting and having a thesis or theme. Sometimes I can feel insecure about my writing because I don’t think my thesis or theme is good enough. Starting can be frustrating, but I find using an event or song lyrics related to your topic is really useful. I’m writing about Japan’s occupation of Korea between 1910 and 1945, and I started my paper by talking about a movement that happened between that time in Korea. As for my thesis or theme, I change it as I write to fit where my writing is going. So it’s frustrating at times, but there are also ways to get around it.
BardVERSE: Is there a place or time you usually write?
Michaela: There is not a time I usually write, because whenever I think of an idea, I write it down and see if I can use it. And if I can’t use it at all, I move on. I prefer to write in my bedroom because I need to be in comfortable place, and I don’t like people looking at me write.