Yousef Khalaf is a writer at BHSEC, Cleveland-West.

BardVERSE: What kind of writing topics interest you most?

Yousef: Analyses of main characters interest me because there is so much to discover about a book by taking a closer look at the main character. Looking closer at a main character helps give you a deeper understanding of the book.

BardVERSE: How do you come up with an imaginative, provocative title?

Yousef: I finish the essay then read it. Then I try to think of a title that summarizes the big picture of my essay. Sometimes I use famous quotes in my titles and add a couple more words that outline my essay.

BardVERSE: Give one tip for writing a good essay.

Yousef: Write about something that truly interests you. If it is something that you are genuinely interested in, then it should be much easier for you to write. Whenever I tried to write about something I was not really interested in, I struggled.