Genaidaliz Claudio is a columnist for BardVERSE. Her columns appear weekly. 


Music uplifts me.

The other day I was having a bad day, so bad that I started to cry. I don’t like crying at school, because it’s very noticeable. During eighth period a friend let me borrow his headphones. As soon as I put the headphones on I knew my mood was going to alter. I felt a change happen.

I put my favorite song — “Sunflower” — on repeat. The song’s vibe made my tears disappear. I smiled. 

Music is a part of me. I take in the words and let them change me. Music will always help me express myself. It helps me in my darkest times.

Not all people like the same music, and I respect that. I try to ask other people what music they listen to, and whenever I’m free I’ll try to listen to songs they like. Sometimes I know that I probably won’t like the song, but I give it a chance anyway.

Before I didn’t even know about “Sunflower,” but thanks to my little sister now I do. It was playing on the radio, and I was going to change the station until she told me to leave it. I’m glad I left it on 96.5. If I had changed the station, then I wouldn’t have found such an amazing song.

“Sunflower” calms me down and makes me think of a long car ride while watching the sunset. It’s good to give music and artists a chance, because you can find a piece of yourself, and it’s okay to dislike some music.

My best friend has such a love for J.Cole’s music. I think it’s beautiful that she connects with his music. His lyrics speak to her, and I love how happy they make her. I appreciate the art of music, and the many genres that it offers. I appreciate how music changes the mindsets of people and the ways it brings people together.

Music is a thread that unites human beings to each other. We may not always see this invisible thread, but we hear it.