Isaiah Mojica is a writer and Year-2 student at BHSEC, Cleveland.

Message 2 the World


Why must I feel so lonely?

So close 2 the rest of the world

but 2 far for them 2 see.

I call but I’m 2 quiet for them 2 hear.

My pleading is deafened

by my inability 2 escape.

I want 2 run away

but where 2?

Do I run until my legs

can no longer walk?

Or do I slowly drift into the world that I create on this page?

Can they not see my hopelessness?

Am I invisible?

Or are they just figments of my imagination?

Their stares pierce my heart

breaking it 2 a thousand pieces.

The shards piece themselves back together,

but never forgetting the scars that tattoo their existence.

If only they could feel my heart.

If only they would open their hearts.

When will my day come?

The day where the world

Wished I cared for them.