Ophira Berenholz is a Fellow at Bard High School Early College in Cleveland, where she teaches composition, advisory, and college test preparation.


BardVERSE: What’s easiest for you when creating an essay? What is more challenging?

Ophira: The easiest thing for me when creating an essay is flowing through my ideas. The most challenging thing is creating that flow.


BardVERSE: What advice do you have for writers at Bard?

Ophira: The advice I’d have for writers at Bard is to find something that interests you, anything, in what you’re writing about. Even if it’s the smallest thing. Use that thing to ground you and inspire the rest of your ideas.


BardVERSE: How do you get into the mind space for writing?
Ophira: I get into the mind space for writing by people watching and finding unique quirks that interest me about them. Observing others usually inspires me to write creatively.