Roberto Osorio is a writer and thinker at BHSEC, Cleveland.



How does Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad show that he and the book were racist? Heart of Darkness unfortunately displays racism in many ways. Several scenes depict Africans being dehumanized and beaten. This novel is racist because it posits Europeans are better than Africans. When white men call the natives “primitives” and “savages,” they make Africans seem less human than white individuals.

Heart of Darkness demonstrates racism toward Africans by sharing examples of them getting beaten for almost anything. Conrad writes, “A n**ger was being beaten nearby. They said he had caused the fire in some way; be that as it may, he was screeching most horribly” (92). The white individuals make an assumption that the African man started a fire just so that they can beat him.

In conclusion, the book Heart of Darkness involves racism. The book describes Africans as a different breed from Europeans, and is thus racist. This book relates to our world today because racism is still around and possibly will stay around for a while. The novel shows that no matter who you are there is still going to be racism everywhere around you.