Marc-Joelitza Montgomery is a columnist for bardVERSE. She is a two-time recipient of the Achievement Award for Literature.


Emptiness and the Soul

When we don’t feed our soul, our soul starts to long for soulful food.

Soulful food can be anything that’s good for you as well as things that could inspire goodness to radiate from you. Soulful food can be music, human comfort, art, going on a walk, having a good conversation, dressing well for the day, or any little thing that makes you feel good.

Our soul has a way of letting us know that it needs these things — that it needs to be fed. The same way our stomach growls when we are hungry, our soul has that effect too. Our soul sends signals to the heart and mind, causing us to get a gut feeling, or we might receive a strong sense that we need to do something good for our soul. This feeling can be likened to a growl. Whenever our soul growls, we need to make the effort to calm and feed it something it craves.


Fullness and the Soul

Just like our stomach feels full after we eat a good meal, or soul similarly makes us feel full after being fed. After feeding our soul we receive a warm feeling inside, and this feeling has the power to make us feel whole.

Without paying attention to our soul, we will be left empty and longing for soulful food. Just like a person suffers from skipping meals, we too will suffer if we skip the opportunities of feeding ourselves with soulful food. It is important that we recognize when our soul gives signals that it is empty. And from there, it is important that we learn how to make that feeling go away.

It is our job to figure out what our soul is craving and what it is lacking. This way we will know how to make our souls feel warm and whole. 


Can We See Other’s Souls? 

I don’t think we can literally see other people’s souls, but I do believe we see symptoms of their soul. We have the ability to sense their soul’s condition and get an idea of whether their soul is empty or full.

We are able to tell by the look in one’s eyes, the way they speak, the way they react to situations, and maybe by the way they carry themselves. It is a matter of observance.

It’s also important to remember the key fact that we humans are fundamentally the same. We crave for soulful food because soulful food makes us happy. We all desire happiness. And there is a handful of soulful food that makes us all happy.

When we notice an individual who seems stressed, hurt, angry, sad or defensive, it is important to ask ourselves what their soul is missing. We need to put ourselves in their shoes and question what our soul may be lacking if we were feeling like them. We may have to back track and remember the last time we were stressed. Was it because we didn’t take our daily walk? We might recall the last time we were sad. Was it because we didn’t have a meaningful conversation or do something productive and soulful during the day?

We can assume or question whether this is the case of our neighbors. Maybe the reason they feel so down is because their soul is lacking, it needs something, it needs food — maybe the same things or foods our soul was lacking when we felt that way. When we notice symptoms of the soul, we can make the effort to help feed our neighbors’ souls. We can engage in conversation, compliment them, ask them to go on a walk with us, or do some sort of meaningful activity with us.

Not only can we sense symptoms of one’s soul, but we also have the power to influence one’s soul. We want to use this power for the good and take up the opportunity to guide one’s soul in the right direction.