Marc-Joelitza Montgomery is the recipient of the World Literature Achievement Award and Seminar Achievement Award.

Always asking for my opinion,
But never taking my advice
Cloudy skies
Drinking time
Extinguishing her pain
For a short period of time
God is the man she can’t seem to rely on
Heaven is the place she likes to fly from
Intoxication is too familiar with a side effect of cloudy speech
Jumping head in just to wet her feet
Keeping the attention of all she meets
Luring me in with the green of trees
Medication for her was weekly trips
Not realizing that her former bonds became weak as sticks
Obsessing over the nightmares that crowded her mind
Passing time like holy bread and wine
Quick to jump, hop and skip for everyone
Rescuing herself a little to late
Stirring a cup full of pain with no sugar left
Tears running down her face
Usually coming with a loss of breath
Vows once being promises became a mess
Writing from the heart beneath her chest
X marking the spot where she last left
Yielding to continuation
Zooming towards miscommunication