Kyree Bell is a writer and Year 2 student at BHSEC Cleveland.

All about the love you desire
Broken promises that you once aspired
Calling onto my casket
Done with the deeds in my basket
Everlasting doubts that forsake my identity
Gone with the wind
Having unbelievable experiences each day
Intuition telling me to live a different way
Jealousy overwhelming my brain
Kissing the pain away
Laying awake at night
Mentally going down the drain
Nothing feels worse than not being the same
Optimism running through my veins
Purposely going through pain
Quietly slipping away
Restless figures built like clay
Turning back time
Unfolding what it means to truly love
Vast imagination of what my
World could’ve been
With you
X marks my soul while the
Yolk was the lost hope you got when you broke my heart
Zigzagging lines like how you lead me on from the start.