Kyree Bell is a writer and Year 2 student at BHSEC Cleveland.

The silence of your voice rang through my soul. Now crushing the thought of emotion. Sleepless nights overwhelming me to do the unthinkable. You beat me like a gorilla beats it’s chest. You protect me with the very venom that runs in your veins. 

You bite through the pain, thinking to me, calling to me, loving me, worshiping me. You strip me of mother nature’s fabric. Your skin soft to the touch, chills running down my spine. I turn to face you, my master. 

Your lips slowly unraveled the vines that congested my mind. I look you in the eyes, smiling so bright. You whisper, “I love you” and I sink into the quicksand of lust. Clinging to you, why must I fuss. You strip me of my humanity, chain me, lock me away in the darkness of your mind. But I laugh in the face of danger. You sailed the vast ocean of hatred to find me. Your most prized possession. You find me, you worship me, you take me in and show me a world of endless possibilities. Suppressed by your fragrance, mimicked by your roots. I drank your elixir of life that flows in my bloodstream, like an immense body of water: I ask what’s your greatest treasure; you respond with me.