Eileen Young is a writer and Year-1 student at BHSEC Cleveland.

I once had a sapling, so strong and fruitful
It sang and told stories of ever beautiful desires
Oh how joyous it made my soul
Until it got caught under fire

My sapling shriveled and cried, shrieking in pain
Then my world turned grey and my face was sustained
My soul stayed bland and oh so empty
Never giving in to the slightly tempting

My mind was working, working hard
That drive I once had was not even a shard
I had nothing, not even color
That died with my sapling, and I came to suffer

I’ve lost my sapling and so could you
I’m so bitter and oh so crude
As time goes on, my heart fades
Drawing my soul beneath the shades

I sleep at night, alone and quiet
Hiding from the constant riot 
I scream and cry, all for my sapling
Reaching for seeds, I’m always grasping

I reach for a seed, losing my balance
I grasp it and regain my talents
I plant the seed and begin to breathe
Seeing a sapling come from the grave

I see in color and speak music
My sapling is stronger, I am now human
My soul is full with love and desire
My sapling is safe and is growing higher