Haya Khalaf is a writer and Year-2 student at BHSEC Cleveland.

Within You, Within Me: A Poem in Response to COVID-19

We watch 
How the earth begins to cleanse itself 
Clear waters 
And lucid skies
Forcing us to surround ourselves within four white walls 
To contemplate and reevaluate 
How selfish we have been all these years 
To now understand how it’s like for fathers in Gaza to provide when restrictions are applied
Or for mothers in Africa who are afraid their kids won’t survive 
A glimpse of what could soon be our lives 
If we open our third eye 
We see money and power are the underlie 
Of all the hidden pain and suffering 
This country was assembled by 

When will we understand 
When will we see
The true power lies within you and me 
A lesson for the youth and the elderly 
Greed will never be fed even with all the  necessities
Unity and love is all we truly need
To fight the disease that’s been living long within you and me

Deepest Roots

My favorite aspect about winter is not the deceptive snowflakes that vigorously fall with power yet instantly melt on the rough ground surface.
It is in fact, the rooted tree that is completely stripped of it’s beautiful nature 
yet still holds on to its deepest roots 
in hopes of a time where it can bloom into its true colors.

Heart and Mind: A Married Couple

How upsetting it is to be at war with yourself
to know exactly what you desire 
Yet designate your own hands into suffocating your voice

I often drift in my own imagination of a time where my heart and mind coexist lucidly 
It is then I’m reminded; I am split in two. 
And begin to grasp what it means to be of opposite natures and In love. 
I am an artwork 
for the world should look no further than themselves to know a love story 

Poem in Response to Sylvia Path’s The Bell Jar

My body is confined into a container filled with restrictions I have no means to obey.
My brain, however, has far gone escaped 
It often takes me places
I am at peace with
Only to remind my body that it lacks 
The wonderful tenderness of freedom.