Nathalia Rodriguez is a writer and Sophomore at BHSEC Cleveland.

Couldn’t find it within — to smile.
Fine . . . 
Had to make it worthwhile.
Wearing a mask?
Used to having to multitask.
Can never dismask.
Can’t even ask, not really a choice.
Just gotta shut them off. 
Far off.

It’s really exhausting to keep up with this persona.
Don’t wanna live in Denial.
Feeling agitated?
Feels like a burst.
Gotta prepare for the worst.
Got to brace myself, herself, himself, oneself, thyself.
Just for another day?
Hope it goes away, insecurities on display.
Trying to find other ways.

All/of/this —
Emotion and Devotion?
But someone finally came.
They could see right through —