Ryan Ortiz is a freshman writer and Freshman at BHSEC Cleveland.

Poem #1

Cant stops these feelings in my brain 

As they trickle like a train

These somber feelings a distraction Of what to feel

As Feeling nothing feels 

The nothing being a something

Only a paradoxical advancement to nothing 

A lifetime played hoax

To whom i will give a dose 

And to me an antidote

As i write the thoughts of a feeling trickled brain 

Every strand of every strain 

 As i lay them on away 

Till the wagoned feelings are feint 

Poem #2

We are determined -to life- to death and beyond 

To live the unpalatable since we were young

Tricked to play the game 


Every Tik- Every Tok

Every stride of the clock

Every step to excel from the flock

For one’s option to do this – you reverse

Every Tik- Every Tok

Till your timeline drops 

To try your cycle once again

Till it drains you back in a ring 

Into an eternal cycle fling you’re ought to live again