Marc-Joelitza Montgomery is a writer and Year-2 student at BHSEC Cleveland. She is the recipient of the Literature of the Americas Award in the Spring of 2018. As well as the recipient of the World Literature Award in both the Fall and Spring semester of 2018-2019.

Started off as an egg–
small. pure. and without worry
spring time preparations that surrounded my head,
remembering what it’s like to be nurtured, guided and growing.

Fast forward to the caterpillar stage–
I miss the summer days
playful times.. fake sipping wine..
the times I was dancing, laughing and glowing.

Even the pupa years–
the years of many tears
autumn intensity and expression overflowing..
the time of watching, learning and “knowing”

But I’m a butterfly now–
and I don’t think that I’m ready.

To be thrown into the winter,
To be told to spread my wings,
At the very moment that my wings feel grounded, anxious and heavy. 

It’s a matter of fly or die.
Even though fly leads to die.
But still help me try.
Try to fly.