Robyn Reynolds is a writer and Year-1 student at BHSEC Cleveland.

Please stay home,
You shouldn’t have to roam.
People are getting sick,
Because they act like it’s a trick.
If you need to go out, stay apart at least 6 feet,
So that we can soon have this virus beat.
We will get to see our friends,
When this virus ends.
People are praying,
That others are obeying.
We can go out in our backyards,
Or play with a deck of cards.
Find healthy ways to relieve stress,
So we don’t make a bigger mess.
You don’t have to be wealthy,
To try and stay healthy.
Years from now we shouldn’t have to say we lost,
Let’s just not burn every bridge we’ve crossed.
Let’s not go back to our old ways,
So we can live longer days.
They are opening up some shops,
Just when we are hoping this stops.
We must thank every doctor and nurse,
Because they are the reason this isn’t going way worse. 
They are putting their lives on the line
While the safe people whine.