Robyn Reynolds is a writer and Year-1 student at BHSEC Cleveland.

Dear wife,
why does everything I do seem so wrong
Why do I feel like I don’t belong
Why’d I tell you I love you
Why’d you say you did too
Why didn’t I stay distant
Why did I become so persistent
Why was everything you told me a lie
Why’d you live everyday watching me cry
Why do I try to ignore you
Why do I still love you even though I don’t have to
Why don’t you answer me now
Why do you act like you don’t know how


Dear wife,
I know you hate me
You don’t have to lie
I just wish you’d see
How your words use to make me cry
You embarrassed me when I tried to be myself
So I tried my hardest to act tough
I bottled my emotions and put them on a shelf
I just want to know when am I enough