Keishla Rivera is a writer and 10th grader at BHSEC Cleveland.

1.) Please Don’t Leave (Voice of Prospera)

He is so much stronger than me But

that’s why I need him

He can’t leave me, not yet 

But I won’t beg him to stay 

He WILL serve me

2.) Goodbye (Voice of Alonso)
I don’t want to say goodbye

But I have no choice 

It’s my time to fly 

I hope I can see you again

And one day hear your voice

I love you too much to say it

So let’s not say goodbye Just

until next time, my son

3.) Betrayal (Voice of Caliban) 

You hurt me more than you know 

I loved you and you left me 

How could you do to me what was done to you? 

Your brother hurt you and now you have hurt me 

Did you ever care for me or was I just a pawn in your game of chess?

You hurt me and now you will pay

4.) Young Love (Voice of Miranda)

They say we are young 

They say we know not what we think

But we have our whole life to learn

So why does it matter? 

Why can’t we learn together? We

can learn to love and be happy

Let’s run away from the world

Just you and I . . . Forever

5.) I’m Lost (Voice of Stephano)

I have no idea what’s going on I

have to admit I’m a little tipsy I

have no idea where I am 

I have to admit I’m happy to be alive I

have no idea where I’m going I

have to admit I’m lost 

I have no idea what I’m doing

6.) My Feelings (Voice of Ariel) 

I’m not human, but sometimes I wish I was. I have no feelings but I have an idea of how they might feel. I think I should feel bad for them. My feelings are all in my head. I don’t know if they’re good or bad. Should I feel sorry for them and say something or should I keep my mouth shut? Will she be mad if I said something? Will I still be set free?

7.) I’ve Lost But Am Found (Voice of Ferdinand)

I’ve lost it all 

But I’ve found something 

Something more precious than any of it Something that can’t be bought 

Something non-material 

I’ve lost it all but I am found 

I found love when I lost it all 

And I’d do it again if I had the choice

8.) Killer (Voice of Sebastian)

He looked me in the eye 

He told me I could fly 

But my brother would have to die It wasn’t my will 

But it’s my turn to kill

9.) Jk (Voice of Trinculo) 

I take things as a joke 

Maybe that’s how I got my job I brighten the mood 

But who brightens mine? My friend Stephano 

We’re good friends 

Even in the end

10.) Power (Voice of Antonio)

Now is the hour 

When all with cower For

I have risen to power My

sister is now “dead” So

all will be led 

By me, as head