It had been a month since Bentley had been mysteriously leaving. One day, August decides to take a walk along his property and reminisce on what once was. He had gotten to where his pool was when he started hearing odd noises, like that of a raccoon going through garbage. He lurked closer to where the sound was coming from, and through the windows of his guest home he saw that the light was on. As far as he knew, there wasn’t anyone on the property beside him and his distant wife. He twisted the doorknob with care, as to not disrupt the silence and he noticed a pair of unfamiliar red sandals at the bottom of the steps. Above him he could hear thumping, like the sound of a hammer plastering the floor. He creeped up the stairs, to a door that was open to an inch. The sounds grew louder with each step. As curiosity started to surge in him he approached the door faster and faster and as he recognized the only voice beloved to him, he bursted through the door and saw his half-naked wife with his one and only son. 

He had simply come to visit. It had been years since August maintained contact with his son. When Ashton started to wonder why his tuition money wasn’t being paid for he drove across the country from Ohio to consult the situation. He banged on the door only to find a young looking girl gaze up at him like he was a new car. After staying a couple nights with the girl, Ashton decided to drop out of college and live in solitude at his father’s guest house. He was hopeful that once he died, he would inherit all of his fortune.

    But everyone’s plans would soon vanquish when August collapsed, hand on heart, to the floor in shock. It would be hours until he gained consciousness, but that was more than enough time for his son to disappear back to Ohio. Bentley, on the other hand, stayed and stared at her insentient husband. Playing back the scenes over and over again, she decided to take a walk around the hospital. After a few minutes, she felt the urge to use the bathroom, but when she did, blood spurted out and she was already aware of what it meant. 

    After some time, August recovered and was restored back to health. Although it was not his, he cared for the baby girl as if the affair never occurred. Grace is what they agreed upon, and after years of searching, Bentley finally found that purpose was not within herself, but in a life she felt was more valuable than her own.