IMG_20190221_072000704 (1)

Cheshire Cat, by Anonymous

Medium: watercolor

Size: 9 by 11



This colorful abstract is curtesy of a 2019 Bard graduate.


With spring fast approaching the focus of many scholars in Bard’s second semester 2019 design class was nature and its beauty. Here the low lighting really helps to highlight the intimacy of these two crafty lovebirds.



This simple yet thoughtful piece was created by a 2019 graduate during their first semester design class. The assignment was to augment a book, and the small splashes of color make this piece all the more interesting.


As can be seen by the background, the 2019 graduate student who created this piece went above and beyond. Stretching past the boundaries, this comical scene uses Legos to familiarize viewers with a very real crime. The crashed satellite to the right of frame provides the perfect opportunity for the burglars to claim their prize.

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