Writing Columnists

BardVERSE is thrilled to announce Gini Claudio and Joelie Montgomery as our first columnists.

Each week, Gini and Joelie will share a piece of writing that explores issues, thoughts, and experiences that hold importance for them or others and that shed light on the human condition.

Welcome aboard, Gini and Joelie. We thank you for widening our realities with your writing.  


Tumbling: A Reflection on Gymnastics Within, by Genaidaliz Claudio


Lessons from _The Tempest_: What My Classmates Taught Me about Anger and Healing, by Marc-Joelitza Montgomery


I Want a Change: Chocolate Syrup and Life’s Messiness, by Genaidaliz Claudio


Words Change Me: Genaidaliz Claudio on Giving New Music a Chance


Finding Meaning in the Overlooked: Marc-Joelitza Montgomery on Writing and Discovery

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