Writers at Bard

“Writers At Bard” is an exciting series in which students and faculty share delights and challenges of writing and thinking, from coming up with essay titles to musing on favorite writing topics, books, authors, and characters.

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A Different Way: Kenaji Blevins on Writing’s Unsung Heroes


Even if It’s the Smallest Thing: Ophira Berenholz on Finding Ground as a Writer


Why is It Beautiful? Dr. Christian Lehmann on Reading and Revelation


Hours and Hours Can Pass: Ms. Rachel Novak on the Flow of Writing


A Writer’s Most Magical Setting: the Heart. Genaidaliz Claudio on Writing and Feeling


We Workshop, Share, and Support: Dr. Guy Risko on Writing and Community


For Others, but also for Me: Writing and Happiness with Michaela Spoljaric


Main Characters and Genuine Interest: Yousef Khalaf on the Big Picture


Who Run the World? Dr. Jen Sweeney on Writing and Thinking and Running


Big Open Rooms: Dr. Paul Hansen on Reading Deeply and Widely


Look Outside: Mr. Brandon Abood on Writing Beyond Your Memory


Macbeth_, Playgrounds, and Human Intensity across Time and Place with Dr. Joshua Walker


Just Begin: Olivia Dembie on Blues Music, Gatsby, and Writing that First Draft


When the Sun is Gone and the Moon is Shining: Alana Johns on Writing the Self into the World


Finding Meaning in the Overlooked: Marc-Joelitza Montgomery on Writing and Discovery





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