Brandon Ngo and Jose Cruz are both writers and Year-1 students at BHSEC.

I Remember : A Poem by Brandon Ngo

I was extremely happy
at large family gatherings —
The craziness of a big family
and everyone in one house
(or outside the house)
with all the talking, running around,
tables covered in pots and pans
and bowls filled with food
that no one could ever finish,
the music and movie playing
in the background. It really gave
a sense of belonging
in this crazy world of ours.

I Remember: A Poem by Jose Cruz

When I was a little kid
I had this little toy dump truck,
and I went outside and filled
the back of it up with rocks
I took it back inside
and started dumping it on the carpet
I don’t know why
Maybe it was because the carpet
was brown and my imagination
told me it was dirt, and the rocks
belonged with it