Ryan Y Ortiz-Burgos is a Year One Student at Bard High School Early College Cleveland. He is the recipient of freshman year Literature of the America’s award by Dr. Christian Lehmann. Consequently, he has been awarded for his writing which has taken his to the Kenyon Review’s Young Writers Workshop.

The shifting of bones- huerto de los muertos.

Where the grieved loved ones drift between, cries, sobs and screams- for to them we are dead-

Are we dead?

Would you ask the sunlight if it’s dead, even though it shines on this earth everyday-

Then why call us dead- we live at great altitudes-


Life is a party when life is gone.

No countdown of Father Time, no treacherous avoidals of death because we are dead.

But we are alive at a higher magnitude than those who live.

Because I shift my bones-

En el huerto de los muertos.