Robyn Reynolds is a columnist and Year 1 student at BHSEC.

1.) Macbeth’s Life of Deception

A life full of secrets

That he could not tell

Not even to those 

Who knew him so well

So many lies 

Just to gain power

So he could watch

All of his enemies cower

2.) Macbeth’s Diary, Entry #1

My dear wife, 

Why does everything I do seem so wrong

Why do I feel like I don’t belong

Why’d I tell you I love you

Why’d you say you did too

Why didn’t I stay distant

Why did I become so persistent

Why was everything you told me a lie

Why’d you live everyday watching me cry

Why do I try to ignore you

Why do I still love you even though I don’t have to

Why don’t you answer me now

Why do you act like you don’t know how

3.) Macbeth’s Diary, Entry #2

Dear wife,

I know you hate me

You don’t have to lie

I just wish you’d see

How your words use to make me cry

You embarrassed me when I tried to be myself

So I tried my hardest to act tough

I bottled my emotions and put them on a shelf

I just want to know when am I enough

4.) Macbeth’s Diary, Entry #3

You said you wanted the best for me

You said you loved me

You said you were always gonna be there for me

You said you wanted me to succeed 

But you lied

You talked down on me like I was nothing

You constantly showed me hate

You weren’t there when I needed you

You told me I was a failure

You used me to your own advantage

I still want the best for you

I still love you

I will always be there for you no matter what

I want you to succeed in life,

I wish what you said was true

But you have proven time, and time again, that you lied

You said.

5.) Macbeth’s Diary, Entry #4

To my wife,

No words could ever tell you

No action could express

The way I feel about you.

With you, my life is blessed.

You’re the light in my tunnel.

You are my pot of gold.

You are the strength that gets me through,

When despair has taken hold.

You’re my once in a lifetime.

You make my life complete.

You are my blue ribbon,

In the shadow of defeat.

There’s nothing I could ever say

And nothing I could do

To let you know just how much

Love is in my heart for you.

6.) Macbeth’s Diary, Entry #5

Living in hope that maybe if I keep on this mask,

I might grow to be what I pretended to be.

Scared of my own shadow,

So I cower in the light, hoping my darkness doesn’t find me.

But this light can be blinding,

And it’s getting harder to see,

That if I can’t face myself,

Then I’ll never be free.

7.) Macbeth’s Diary, Entry #6

Dear, Lady Macbeth,

I love you.

From the first moment I saw you

I fell for you

For years I’ve had feelings for you

I fell in love with your smile,

Your laugh,

Your personality,

And how much you care for others.

As time has gone by

My feelings for you continue to grow stronger.

8.) Macbeth’s Diary, Entry #7

As I turn away

From my old path

I want to stay

I want to go back

To what was once familiar

To play the old track

I will myself to turn away

Hoping life gets better

As I travel day by day

I turn towards my new path

And all I can do is hope and pray

As I play a new track

And start something new 

That my choice was not wrong 

And I can enjoy my new life

And sing a new song.